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- Trilobase version 7


    Welcome to Trilobase, a powerfull and easy to use database for both the amateur and professional fossil collector.


    You can build up your fossils collection in many ways : You can go hunting for fossils by yourself, you can buy fossils and you can trade fossils.
    But what is absolutely necessary is a catalogue with the description of each fossil.

    - A fossil without information is almost worthless. -


    TriloBase is the ultimate software solution. This professional, well designed and easy-to-use program for the PC is the ideal tool to manage your precious fossils collection. You can enter all the data like reference number, collecting site, name, geological period, bibliography, description, taxonomic information, etc...
    Multiple photos can be entered with each fossil.


    All kinds of fossils can be entered in the database : Ammonites, sea-urchins, trilobites, belemnites, brachiopods, sponges, corals, graptolites,
    shark teeth, plants, etc...
    Every fossil of your collection has its place in Trilobase.


    Trilobase is not a commercial software. It is developped and maintained by an amateur fossil collector who is also a professional IT application leader. Version 7 of trilobase is completely rewritten in C# under the .Net framework using the latest technologies.


- The main screen


    when you start Trilobase, the main screen is displayed.
    From here, you can access all your fossils and perform tasks like printing labels, viewing images and searching the database.

    The main screen (see the above image) is divided in 2 parts:

      The left part contains 2 elements :
      • (1) : The "Fossil Explorer". This is the list with all your fossils.
      • (2) : The "Group Explorer". You can create as many groups that you want and you can store fossils in 1 or more groups.

      The right part displays the information of the selected fossil. Here you can read and edit all the relevant information :
      • (3) : The geological period of the fossil, including a globe that represents the earth a that period.
      • (4) : Up to 6 images can be stored in the database for each fossil. It is possible to display the image in full screen mode
        where you can zoom in into the image to reveal all the details.
      • (5) : The taxonomy section gives the place of the fossil among the living organisms.
      • (6) : The description of the fossil.
      • (7) : The collecting site of the fossil
      • (8) : The personal notes or side information about the fossil.
      • (9) : The details gives about how and when the fossil was acquired (found, gift, date)
      • (10) : The actual storage place of the fossil
      • (11) : The bibliography of the fossil
      • (12) : The groups where the fossil belong to. See also the group explorer in point (2)
      • (13) : The properties of the fossil : entering date in the database, name of the enterer etc...


- The collecting sites screen


    The "Collecting sites" section contains the description of all your collecting sites. Here you can also store photographs, maps, documents etc.
    The fossils are automatically connected to their site.

    • (1) : The browser cotains the list of all you collecting sites and photographs, documents, maps etc.
    • (2) : A preview of the selected photograph is displayed.
    • (3) : Here you can enter all the information of each site :
      • Locality : Town, state, country, coordinates, route description.
      • Geology : The geological description of the collecting site
      • Notes : Here you can enter your personal field notes.
      • Download / Upload site : You can share your fossil collecting sites with other Trilobase
        users, or you can download new sites.
    • (4) : When the coordinates are present, google maps or Bing maps can be called to display the site (internet connection is needed to use this function).


- Available languages


    The program is available in 13 languages and is used worldwide in more than 17 countries.

        This program is available in English.
        Deze software is beschikbaar in het Nederlands.
        Ce logiciel est disponible en Français.
        Este programma está disponible en Espańol.
        Il programma č disponibile in Italiano.
        Diese Software ist verfügbar in Deutsch.
        Ez a szoftver elérhetö Magyar nyelven.
        Aquest programa és disponible en Catalŕ.
        Detta program finns pĺ Svenska.
        Ovaj program je dostupan na Hrvatskom.
        Tento program je k dispozici v Češtině.
        Trilobase er oversat til Dansk.
        Trilobase je prevedena v Slovenski jezik.
        Som k dispozícii v Slovencine.

        Many thanks to Ludovic Chapelle (French),
        Francisco Pinar (Spanish),
        Mauro Villani (Italian), Barbara Bohl (German),
        Juhász Gergely (Hungarian), Francesc Pinar (Catalan),
        Peter Liliendahl (Swedish), Daniel Pikl (Croatian),
        Roman Šach (Czech, )Kristoffer Lund Madsen (Dansk),
        Rok Gasparic (Slovenian) and Ján Fajcák (Slovak) for their excellent translations.

        Display Trilobase users in Google Maps.
    It is easy to add a new language. So, please contact me if you need a language that is not yet listed.


- Additional features


  • The database can hold up to 6 images per fossil with the possibility to zoom into the details (up to 300%)
    The images are stored in a compressed way in the database itself. You don't have to store separate copies of the images on your computer.
  • Fossils can be organized in groups. A fossil can belong to 0, 1 or more groups.
  • A performant and easy-to-use "Query" screen is available to search the database.
  • Different print formats (labels, listings) are available.

        Example of a label with image :

  • The time scale shows also the corresponding paleogeographical globe.
  • The most important taxonomic tables are included (Agnatha, Ammonoidea, Belemnoidea, Bivalvia, Brachiopoda, Echinoidea, Foraminifera, gastropoda, graptolithina, Porifera, Trilobita, etc...).
  • A complete "Fossil Collecting Sites" section (with the possibility to download new sites from the internet). You can add your own photos and documents. The GPS coordinates are directly linked to Google Maps.
  • There is also a list with famous paleontologists with their portrait and a brief biography (from Agassiz to Zittel).


- Some technical information


  • Database program for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
  • Minimum system configuration :
    • Pentium 1.5 GHz
    • 1GB memory - 2 or more GB recommended
    • Screen : 1024 x 768 pixels, true colour
    • 80 Mb of free space on the hard disk.
  • Embedded database (Firebird) with an unlimited number of records (depends on the size of your hard disk).
    Info : The database must be located on your computer. Network access is not allowed with an embedded database.


- Contact info


If you need more information, please feel free to contact Danny Alexandre by email at "info@trilobase.com".

You can write me in English, Dutch or French.
Vous pouvez m'écrire en Anglais, Néerlandais ou Français.
U kan me schrijven in het Engels, Nederlands of Frans.




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